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Dr. David Orr

Dr. David Orr took a personal interest in each of his patients. He spoke with them as friends. He was always truly trying to make things better for everyone else, whether he was offering advice on their health, or making a repair or an upgrade to something for someone. He went out of his way to help others. He never complained or said anything negative about anyone. His lightheartedness and smile had a special way of making his patients feel comfortable and at ease. He never forced his advice on anyone. He didn’t believe in scheduling patients for numerous return visits unless necessary. He felt it should be the patient’s own choice when to return for care. David believed in building his practice with honesty and integrity.

    His dedication to others carried especially into his family. David loved his wife, Karla and children very much! He felt so blessed with his two girls, Taylor & Trina. He was so happy when he was blessed with his son, Todd. He loved that father and son bond. He continually strived to make things better for his family and went beyond meeting their needs. When his wife took interest in raising plants, he decided she needed a greenhouse. David set out to work to provide all the details to make it equipped with everything it needed. Knowing her love to sew, he bought her first a regular sewing machine, and then later for a Christmas gift he gave her a Serger machine. The same happened with her love for taking pictures. He was always updating her camera with a new improved model.

    He is sadly missed. David certainly left his mark on the world with the example he set with his compassion for others. If only everyone could think others above themselves. Dr. Dave’s dream was to expand the office space so that he could bring his brother Mike to work in the office. Together they would be able to better their lives and cover each other so they could spend time with their families. Dr. Dave wanted to add to the practice by bringing in a massage therapist and an acupuncturist. We don’t know why this plan wasn’t meant to work out. But, we plan to continue the office and its expansion.

Dr. David Orr


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